I cant sign up, is this private?

The short answer is Yes we are private. Royal Tilt is an invite only social club, you will need to know a current member to join. This person’s screen name must be entered on sign up or you will not be permitted to join.

How do we deposit?

We currently accept bitcoin which can be deposited by clicking “cashier” and following the steps for nowpayments. Deposits can take up to 1 hour depending on network times.

How do we withdraw?

We currently allow withdraws in both BTC and USDT. If withdraws are done in BTC network times may be longer as USDT will need to be converted. Typical withdraw times should be less than 48 hours.

I referred a friend and have not got my bonus!?

Player bonuses are released as rake is paid and comp points are accrued. Typically a $25 bonus should be cleared in about 200 hands.

I logged in and no games are running?

Royal Tilt is a private social club, game quantity may vary based on many factors.

Currently games are running daily around 5pm EST

I have a bunch of friends, can we have a private table?

Yes. Private tables can be requested and scheduled. More info can be requested from any admin.

Do I earn a bonus for sharing with friends?

Yes. Each person that you refer earns you $25 and another $25 for them also! This offer is currently unlimited. Share on twitch, discord, facebook + more.


(Management reserves the right to cancel this promo at anytime)