Refer-A-Friend to Royal Tilt and earn big rewards!

Poker is a fantastic game that is even more fun when played with friends. Now playing at with your friends can be lucrative because of our new Refer-A-Friend promotion.

Refer-A-Friend has landed and you’re going to love it, or at least your bankroll will. We’ll pay you for every player you help bring to It’s as simple as that. You’ll receive a percentage of their contributions each week, up to $250 per player, if they signed up on via your unique Refer-A-Friend link.

How Refer-A-Friend Works

Refer-A-Friend rewards you for bringing your friends to Perhaps you have a large number of Twitter followers, or have a big following on Twitch? It doesn’t matter if you refer one friend or 100 friends, show them the joys of and you’ll receive a share of their contributions.

Your unique screen name is your promotion code. Give this name to the person you want to refer and get them to sign up on They need to enter this name when they create their free account, make a deposit, and play real money games for the Refer-A-Friend process to begin.

Your referred friend can play any real-money game they wish, be that cash games, SNG, or tournaments. Their play earns you money and doesn’t negatively affect what cashback rewards, leaderboard payments, etc they go on to receive.

How Much Can I Earn From Refer-A-Friend?

When your friends start playing real money poker games at, you’ll receive 5% of their contributions. However, we’ll give you 10% of their contributions for the first four weeks Refer-A-Friend is active, so get referring friends now!